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As a licensed kid therapist with over a decade of experience, I work with a great deal of kids that engage in solidify tantrums. Although it can be argued that this is a developmental milestone as well as is common for many children, there are still methods parents as well as caregivers can assist reduce the severity of the solidify tantrum.  I typically ask parents I work with to identify if the solidify tantrum is mild, moderate or serious as well as track things like what took location before the tantrum began. I ask them if the kid was rejected gain access to to something (a solidify tantrum is quite typical after a young child hears the huge NO). I likewise have them track the time of day, exactly how long it lasted before they were regulated again, as well as other details so we can discover habits patterns.

Stay calm as well as understand it will pass. The much more you try as well as stop it, the worse it will get. When your kid is already escalated, it is commonly as well late to intervene. Their cortisol levels, the tension hormone, are so high that their brains are foggy as well as they are not able to process logic as well as are not able to rationalize. If you can, wait to talk about their emotions when they are calm. As long as your kid is safe, if you requirement to, method active ignoring as well as deep breathing! as well as remember, they are viewing you for a reaction, so show them exactly how to be calm as well as controlled.
Know your child’s triggers as well as pre plan for them. perhaps it’s sharing. perhaps its eating vegetables. perhaps it is transitions. Make sure to let your kid understand in advancement what to expect before it occurs as well as make sure to provide them the plan for the day. provide reminders 10, 5, as well as 2 minutes before a transition. let them understand ahead of time what food to expect at dinner-time as well as what your expectations are of them to eat. instruct them as well as remind them what sharing is before they have a playdate.
Give kids a implies to reveal themselves without injuring them or you. I commonly suggest producing a pre-designated great down area for your kid with a 5-10 minute timer as well as products for them to self-regulate themselves with. You can likewise try providing them a punch bag or a pillow that they can shout into as loud as they want or hit as difficult as they can.
Support them as well as let them understand emotions are healthy to reveal in a safe, respectful, as well as accountable way. instruct them what different emotions are as well as exactly how to utilize words or hand signals to share exactly how they feel. show by your own example exactly how to behave.
Try to not focus on the tantrum as well as unfavorable behaviors as much as the positive behaviors as well as when your kid is not having a tantrum. notice as well as praise your kid when they behave appropriately!
Try to figure out the motivation of your child’s habits before the tantrum begins. Are they tired? Éhes? Are they having a tantrum since they want power or interest or are they trying to prevent a task of some kind?
Distract as well as or redirect your kid when a tantrum is starting to erupt. provide them area as well as or fresh air. show them something to deflect their attention. begin playing a game or music as well as see exactly how rapidly your kid responds as well as joins in.

I hope you discovered these suggestions to be helpful! keep in mind that parenting is a great deal of trial as well as error, so try one suggestion each time as well as see what works for your child. If it works, keep doing it. If it doesn’t work, relocation on to the next parenting tool in your back pocket!

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