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2011 marks 10 years after Harkin-Engel Protocol required end to the worst develops of kid labor in cocoa-producing countries

West Bridgewater, MA (October 14, 2011) – This Halloween, children, organizations, as well as businesses across the U.S. will assist kids required to labor on African cocoa farms by participating in the 5th annual “Reverse Trick-or-Treating” campaign. By handing out informational cards together with organic, fair trade chocolates from West Bridgewater, MA-based equal exchange when they go trick-or-treating, participants bring interest to the countless kids who have been trafficked as well as required to work in exploitative conditions on West African cocoa farms.

To order reverse Trick-or-Treating kits of 150 chocolates as well as cards, non-profit organizations, schools, businesses, congregations, youth groups, as well as other group participants should location orders by mid-October so they show up on time for Halloween from The info card may likewise be viewed or downloaded from that website. private participants or households can take part by visiting

This year’s reverse Trick-or-Treating program marks the 10th anniversary of the September, 2011, signing of the Harkin-Engel Protocol that required an end to the worst develops of kid labor in the cocoa supply chains of the major chocolate companies. The campaign to raise understanding that there is a fair trade alternate to kid labor is a join effort of the San Francisco, CA-based human rights advocacy group worldwide exchange as well as equal exchange as well as was introduced in 2007, two years after the original Harkin-Engel deadline by when all signatories were to have ended the worst develops of kid labor. ten years after the protocol’s signing, most of its conditions have still not been met. In contrast, equal exchange sources its fair trade as well as organic cocoa from farms in the Dominican Republic, Panama, Peru, as well as Ecuador. The vanilla from Madagascar as well as sugar from Paraguay for equal Exchange’s chocolate are likewise licensed fair trade as well as organic.

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The program has been prominent thanks to the increasing understanding of, as well as concern about, kid labor on cocoa farms. Indeed, in 2010 alone, participants reached over 200,000 households. It has been most prominent (by order of participant numbers) in new York, California, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, as well as Illinois, in addition to in Michigan, Minnesota, new Jersey, Texas, as well as Washington.

“When the leading chocolate business signed the Harkin-Engel Protocol 10 years ago, many of today’s Trick-of-Treaters hadn’t even been born, yet kid slavery in the cocoa fields continues,” stated Kelsie Evans, equal exchange chocolate products Coordinator. “With equal Exchange’s reverse Trick-or-Treating program, today’s kids can state ‘enough is enough’ as well as let consumers nationwide understand that fair trade chocolate prohibits kid or required labor as well as trafficking as well as ensures farmers get fair wages.”

Many fair trade advocacy organizations as well as religious denominations are actively pressing chocolate business to embrace fair trade sourcing practices. In September, 2011, worldwide Exchange, eco-friendly America, as well as the worldwide Labor Rights Forum, released “STILL Time to raise the Bar: The genuine business Social obligation report for the Hershey Company” as the business has been the least included of the leading chocolate business in adopting modifications to its sourcing practices.

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About equal ExchangeA pioneer as well as U.S. market leader in fair trade since 1986, equal exchange is an award-winning, full service, nationwide service provider of high high quality organic coffee, tea, chocolate, cocoa, healthy snacks as well as bananas. Their organic,A tisztességes kereskedelem kakaó-alapú termékei között szerepel kilenc 3,5 oz-oz, amelynek 38% -ról 80% -ra kakaótartalma, harapás méretű.

Kapcsolódó, mi a trükk egészségügyi és wellness előnyei a moszatnak?

Az egyenlő tőzsdei termékek 100% -a viszonylag kereskedelemben van, és 22 országban több mint 40 kis gazdálkodó szövetkezet javát szolgálja. A tisztességes kereskedelem célkitűzésével, valamint a gazdasági demokráciába vetett hitével összhangban az Equal Exchange munkavállalói szövetkezet, amelyet 110 alkalmazottja irányított, irodákkal, raktárakkal és/vagy kávézókkal, Massachusettsben, Minnesotában, Washingtonban, valamint valamint Oregon. Az esélyegyenlőségű minisztok vegán, valamint a glutén- és a szójamentesek.

Link ehhez a bejegyzéshez: Az Equal Exchange bevezeti az 5. éves fordított trükk-vagy-kezelés Halloween meghajtót, hogy véget vessen a kakaó országaiban szükséges gyerekmunkahoz


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