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By Marisa Simons

For young children, a birthday is an exciting and special event. They get to have their friends over, they are allowed to eat cake and sweets, and they receive love and attention from everyone around them. It’s no wonder children get excited about their birthdays!

As a parent, it is up to you to plan and organise birthday events while your child is little. You will probably want to make your child’s birthday as memorable as possible. 

Here are some simple ideas that will add to your existent birthday plans and make the day even more special for your child:

Wake Them Up With a Surprise

You can make your child’s birthday exciting as soon as they wake up by covering the floor of their room with balloons. When they open their eyes they will be excited at the site that awaits them.

Of course, only do this if your child is old enough for balloons to no longer be a choking hazard concern; use common sense.

Make Invitations

Don’t forget, part of the fun is the anticipation leading up to it. Your child will be looking forward to their party for weeks. Inviting their friends by email or phone deprives them of the fun had when delivering invitations to each guest in person. 

Create a set of personalised birthday invitationsthat feature the theme of the child’s party and let your little one hand them out. They will be excited to invite their friends to the party, and you can call and email the parents to confirm the arrangements as well.

Let Them set the Menu

When your child’s birthday rolls around, why not cook them up their favourite meal? Ask your child what their absolute favourite food is and make it for them, even if it is just macaroni. Your child might not be a culinary connoisseur with the finest taste, but they know what they like and on their birthday, that is what’s important.

Bake the Cake Together

Your child loves to spend time with you. Take the time to include your little one in the process of baking the cake and preparing for the party. let them mix the batter, apply the frosting and arrange the decorations. You both will enjoy this time and create long-lasting birthday memories. 

These are some ideas from personalised birthday invitations to birthday dinners on request that you can make your child’s birthday more special this time around.

About the Author: Marisa Simons is a mother of two and writes a blog about life with toddlers.

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