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When the back-to-school season rolls around, there is one essential item you need to think about purchasing your little one; hátizsák! It can be hard to find the ideal one (and they aren’t always cheap!) so we have narrowed down our favorite in style and resilient options.

I need to let you know that Whitney and I are on opposite sides of this kid’s backpacks debate. She likes to let her children pick their own backpacks and make them happy. purchasing one every year or two is a victory in her family. That’s all well and good, but my vision of success is that my child owns one backpack forever!

And I do imply that he gets married and brings his kindergarten backpack on his honeymoon. below you will find kid backpacks that fit my philosophy, along with some cute options that Whitney would prefer! 

My very strong Opinions about Kids’ Backpacks

Back to school shopping. Ugh. As I walk through Target and see the numerous character-themed backpacks trying to leap into my shopping cart, I remember why I should make this journey alone.

Back-to-school shopping is no place for kids. Alluring as my sons might find these school bags, they will never come home with us.

I insist on purchasing high-quality backpacks only.

Lands’ End, Eastpak, Pottery Barn, L.L. Bean, JanSport, REI, I’m taking a look at you. Buying a durable backpack implies two essential things:

It will last longer.
But if it doesn’t, it will be repaired or replaced for the lifetime of the backpack. As in, never purchase another backpack again!!

So the $30 to $50 you spend on a good strong pack will much more than make up for the annual purchase of a $20 crappy-zipper, break-before-the-year-is-out school bag. though my cheap gene shudders at paying nearly $60 for a kid’s backpack, I know it will endure numerous years’ worth of aggressive treatment.

My kids are going into first, fifth, and seventh grades this year and their backpacks have stood the test of time. Ez az. Igazából. let me tell you the specifics and break down my recommendations.

Sounds too boring? Of course, kids ought to be kids. though I might want to borrow my kiddo’s solid color backpack, his buddies shouldn’t know his mama makes him suffer.

If your child still wants to personalize, there are numerous ways to make a plain pack seem much more childlike: LEGO keychains, cute zipper pulls, labels & stickers, free printable star wars tags, or all of the above. add a homemade lanyard and some canine labels and you’re good to go! I have been pleased that this method completely satisfies them.

Alright, with that out of the way, here are a few picks of the best kids backpacks (that I hope do not fall victim to the blogging curse of breaking because I said good things about them).

Best kids backpacks from kindergarten to High School

Pottery Barn kids backpack Review: For the little Ones

We’ll kick off the list with a very popular backpack brand; Pottery Barn! The Mackenzie backpack is the ideal balance of cute and dependable and is really the best backpack for kindergarten. That being said it is certainly a backpack choice that can last through elementary school as well.

I love that this backpack comes in 4 different sizes. I recommend choosing the smaller sizes for a preschooler or kindergartner. I also think it is so cool that you can really personalize these backpacks. However, it is essential to keep in mind there is not a Pottery Barn backpack warranty and you cannot return a customized item. 

My favorite kindergarten backpack girl style! PB’s Mackenzie Pink Mermaid friends Glow-in-the-Dark Backpack

PB’s Mackenzie Navy Skateboard camo Reflective Backpack

This is the best toddler backpack and would be ideal for preschool! PB’s Mackenzie Paw Patrol Backpack

Check out Pottery Barn’s backpacks Here!

Pottery Barn kids backpack Reviews: For Older kids & Teens

When it concerns picking out a Pottery Barn backpack for older kids, I certainly lean towards the PBteen line as they seem much more resilient and wearable long past childhood. another cool thing about these is that you can add a customized touch by getting their initial or name embroidered.

If you are taking a look at the price and wondering, “When do Pottery Barn backpacks go on sale?” the answer is often! I recommend checking them out offseason as you can score a great deal. 

PB’s Gear-Up Rainbow tie dye Recycled backpack + matching Water Bottle

PB’s Gear-Up Sunset Ombre Recycled Backpack

PB’s Gear-Up Neon Red solid Recycled Backpack

Pro Tip: Our favorite backpack suggestion is to fold a trash bag to fit best around the lining making the inside waterproof. This will make the best backpack for kindergarten in snowy places where gear might get a little extra wet!

Check Them all out Here!

Sport backpacks Reviews: the best options for Your Future Hall of Famer

If your kids are like mine, they are addicted to all things sports. While numerous sports brands don’t sell quality backpacks, we’ve found that Adidas is consistently great. It is one of my favorite places to shop when searching for cool backpacks for boys!

We love this Adidas classic 3s plus Backpack. It has just the best amount of storage and is comfortable to wear. My child has had it for 3 years now and stands by it being the best kid’s school backpack. 

Shop Here

Lands’ end kids backpacks Review: the most resilient Backpacks 

We had a Lands end Featherlight for five years before the water bottle mesh started fraying after being dragged along the sidewalk every day. I should’ve kept it because now they’ve discontinued one of my all-time faves! However, Lands’ end accepted it as a return and replaced it for the full value I paid.

Our new favorite is the ClassMates Backpack. It runs around $40-$50 depending on colors, patterns, monograms. We have it and love it dearly (especially that it is device washable), and I even sprung for the monogram. 

Below are my kiddos with the Lands’ End  Classmate medium and Classmate Rolling. We really loved both the prints and the durability. I was amazed by how much my daughter delighted in the rolling option!

Shop the Classmates backpack Here

JanSport Packs Review: the best selection of classic solid Colors 

These popular kids backpacks are available on Amazon in different sizes and a gazillion colors. The classic SuperBreak is good for your grade-schooler, while I’d suggest a half Pint for a small kids backpack. They both range from about $20 to $40 depending on which color combo you choose.

If you’ve got a big kid and schooling has started to get much more serious, I would suggest the big student Classic Pack. It is the ideal size for 5th graders and above and allows for optimal organization. check out current prices here!

Profi tipp! If you have a first-class Jansport with a broken zipper floating around your house from childhood, you ought to see if the good folks will fix it for you. check out the lifetime warranty policy they have here!

Shop JanSport Here

LL Bean kids backpacks Review: lightweight backpacks with everything You Need

Jump into the world of quality packs from LL Bean. The LL Bean Deluxe book pack is one of my favorites and is pretty similar to the JanSport backpacks. It might just be the only backpack you ever need to purchase because it has a large capacity but is still good and lightweight.

Every year there are fresh fabrics to choose from. This year, I’m leaning toward this vintage Lavendar with a grey trim.

Shop Here

REI backpacks Review: For outdoor Adventures & the Classroom

If you are prepared to spend the big bucks, the REI Co-Op workload pack is a fantastic backpack. Your kiddo will be able to carry it conveniently and it has tons of pockets. It is a great backpack for kindergarten and beyond.

I suspect you will get your money’s worth for about $40 to $60 at REI. Holden used his REI backpack for first grade with great success; it easily fit his folder and lunchbox. The only problem was that the whistle fell off (I suspect user error), and this is where I reaffirmed my very strong opinions.

REI attempted to repair this backpack totally free of charge. When they couldn’t, they provided to return or exchange it. Erről beszélek. köszönöm!!

Check Them Out Here

Going rogue with your kid’s backpack? 

Some of you cannot be convinced by my strong opinions. I implore you to test the hell out of the zippers when you choose a backpack and here’s how:

Pretend you’re drunk — or actually get drunk — and zip and unzip until you lose count.
Put your stuff in the bag and then walk around with it half-zipped to see if the zipper gives out the rest of the way or secures your load.
Ask your BFF to wear the bag and then try to climb on his/her back. Claw at the zipper. I’ve been led to believe that’s how backpacks get treated on the playground, especially kindergarten backpacks.

Lunchpail Reviews

I couldn’t leave you hanging with just the best kid’s backpack options. Of course, I had to include some of my favorite lunchbox options. just like with backpacks, I think it is very essential to find long-lasting lunchboxes that really get the job done. 


If you are searching for an eco-conscious option ECOlunchboxes are fantastic. My daughter loves her Furoshiki ECOsnacksack Kit, and though this option has been discontinued they have other kid-friendly lunch boxes we adore. The Furoshiki ECOlunchwrap kit is very similar to what my daughter has, and includes the bamboo spork she raves about. BONUS- you do your part to help safeguard the planet by decreasing waste while saving cash on Ziploc baggies!

Shop Here

OshKosh/ SkipHop

This year OshKosh B’gosh partnered with SkipHop to create an lovable line of backpacks and coordinating lunch boxes. My 4-year-old was all about matching so we chose these and are pleased with the quality.

The added zippered pouch on the front is good and we like the mesh pouches inoldalán is. Tudjon meg többet ezekről a globális Munchkins blogomban. Van néhány nagyszerű visszatérő javaslatom az iskolába is!

Nézze meg az ebéddobozokat itt

Ha egy mama vagy, hogy először vigye a babáját az iskolába, akkor remélem, hogy ez a lista segített megtalálni a legjobb óvoda hátizsákot, amely mindkettőt izgatja. Ha a hátizsák után mentél át a hátizsákon, és nem találtad meg, amely tartós, akkor ez a lista az Ön számára is!

Pin később – nagyon erős véleményem a gyerekek hátizsákjairól

Gyakran Ismételt Kérdések

Melyek a legjobb hátizsák a gyerekeknek?

Szeretjük a fazekas pajtát és a Jansport hátizsákokat gyerekeknek. Mindketten felállnak a durva gyerekeknek, és a tanév folyamán tartanak.

Mi a legjobb méretű hátizsák az óvoda számára?

Körülbelül 15 körüli hátizsák? tökéletesen méretűek egy 5-7 évesek számára. A Jansport félpintja és a Pottery Barn kis Mackenzie egyaránt nagyszerű hátizsák az óvoda számára

Helyezzem a gyermekem nevét a hátizsákjára?

Nem feltétlenül akarja, hogy biztonsági okokból gyermeke nevét a hátizsákjuk külső oldalára tegye. A nevük belső vagy címkén történő írása azonban jó ötlet, hogy ne veszítsék el.

+++ MEGJEGYZÉS: Ezt a bejegyzést nem szponzorálták, de néhány affiliate link jelenik meg, amelyekre néhány centet kereshetek. Leginkább azt hittem, hogy tudnod kell a nagyon erős érzéseimet, mielőtt elkészítené a saját nehezen megkeresett pénzét. Szívesen.

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