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Tomorrow morning the Talbert household is stacking into our mini van as well as heading south for a fifteen hour drive to granny as well as Grandpa’s home for Thanksgiving.  since our prolonged households online out of specify our five kids are utilized to long household road trips.  In order to keep the peace as well as make the trip easier on all of us I always make sure my youngsters are entertained along the way.  below are a few of my youngsters preferred things to do while traveling long distances.

1.  Read

I always make sure each of my youngsters has a backpack with their preferred books. a few of my kids’ favortie titles are, “What is That? stated the Cat,” “National geographic youngsters Dinosaurs,”  “Fisher Price, Touch as well as feel experience animals of the Rainforest,” as well as “Footprints in the Snow,” by Cynthia Benjamin.  My teen child is reading the Hunger games series.  now that I own a tablet with a Kindle ap I made sure I packed it with lots of ebooks for my youngsters to checked out on the trip.

2. watch movies on our Philips 9″ double screen portable DVD Player.

Purchasing this DVD player was one of the very best investments my hubby as well as I produced our family.  before we leave for a long road trip we stop at department store as well as pick up a few DVDs from the $5 bin for the youngsters to watch along the way.  We likewise have a Nylon 208-CD wallet full of all their preferred DVDs as well as music CDs . This fits nice as well as neat in the console of our van.

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3. Play road trip games.

Playing games while traveling is fun as well as educational.  My three oldest kids sit in the back seat as well as entertain each other by playing games.  Their preferred game, invented by my oldest, “What if the world was made of…?” teaches them to utilize their imaginations as well as creativity.  They take turns asking the question, “What if the world was made from (fill in the blank)?” The next person answers the concern which always results in everybody chuckling hysterically.  The Alphabet game is likewise a fun game to play while traveling.  youngsters take turns searching for words on billboards with the letters of the alphabet starting with A all the method to Z.  I Spy is one more simple game youngsters can play to assist the time go by quicker while on a household road trip.  What are a few of your youngsters preferred games?

Taking a holiday road trip can be a great deal of fun as well as tranquil for mom as well as dad as long as the youngsters are entertained along the way. 

Cascia Talbert is a hectic blogger, publisher, freelance writer, on the internet vendor as well as mom of five children, living in The Pacific Northwest. With a B.A. in history as well as legislation as well as a enthusiasm for composing as well as staying healthy, she started The healthy moms magazine in 2007. The healthy moms magazine is currently placed the top health and wellness blog for moms as well as features a number of health and wellness professional writers as well as mom bloggers. Ms. Talbert believes that if moms are well informed on health and wellness problems as well as exactly how to stay healthy, they can pass that info down to their kids as well as reverse the youth obesity stats in the U.S.

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Ms. Talbert is a featured health and wellness blog writer at as well as her articles can likewise be discovered on She likewise runs the healthy moms social media network on Ning, is the chief advertising policeman for Talbert Nutrition LLC,  as well as is on the social network Advisory Board for America’s wellness Challenge. comply with her on Google+.

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