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No matter how numerous times you have fell when trying to create change in your life, as long as you get back up you are a SURVIVOR! So shake off those feelings of feeling like a failure. You are not a failure, you are just developing a new technique to succeed! numerous times we have to go through a lot of not making the best decisions to learn how to make new decisions that will help us prosper and grow, because we certainly know not to go back that same route! once you recognize that the old repeated pattern isn’t working then you ought to create a new one. Now, I know that may seem simpler said than done, but if you decide that you want to do something different…then just do it, that is really all that it takes! I am a firm believer that everything that we have been through in the past just helps us to build our character, so smile in knowing that nothing just happens. It is all part of the divine plan for your life!

As women it seems as if we automatically have the survivor mentality built into us, but for some reason or another down the line, we may have lost a part of us, and instead of living out being a survivor, we started living with the victim mentality, and numerous times with justified reasons. We may have been in a negative relationship where we were made to feel like the victim, or maybe we made choices that society thought that we ought to not have, and it diminished our perception of our self. then all of the sudden we lost our self in the midst of accepting the opinion of others.

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Well, this is our time! It is time for us to stand up and declare that this is a new day for a brand new us, and no longer will we listen to what others say we can do or be! If God said that we can do it…then we can do it! We may not know exactly how to do it, but with God directing our paths, he will not lead us to a road of destruction. When God gives us the motivation to achieve our dreams and goals, we have to be careful when sharing that with others, because as sad as it is, they may not support and believe in our dreams the way that we do, and if we accept that in our spirit, then we have went best back to being a victim!

Just believe in yourself, but much more than that believe in the power of God, and the plans that he has for your life. let go of people and things that are not healthy for you. in some cases we have to do a life assessment and check to see what the motives of people are, because really they can only serve two purposes in our lives, either to build us up or tear us down. If we see that they are continuously tearing us down, then it is time to pray and ask God to lead us in a direction that is healthy for our spirit!

When you are survivor that fight is always in you, it may just be lying dormant, but once the real you reemerges they better view out, because you are coming back better than ever! You are coming back with much more fight, much more drive and much more purpose. We ought to always come out of things stronger and better than when we went in, because if we don’t then it was all in vain. So if you are in a situation where you are in the process of moving past the past and pressing toward the future, please know that one day you will be able to look back and see the strength that you gained from every trial, every tribulation, every disappointment, every struggle and every tear. one day you will be able to look back and thank God that it allowed you to spiritually mature and grow into exactly what he planned for you to be.

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Keep on pushing sister and know that you have purpose and potential, so no matter how numerous mountains you have to climb, eventually you will make it to the top. Your change begins best now… today! No longer do you have to look back and wish that you would have, no longer do you have to dream that you could have, no longer do you have to look at anybody else and wish that it was you. You can do whatever you want to do, your dreams can be achieved! So keep dreaming and keep believing. You are a SURVIVOR, so keep God in the plan and view them be successful beyond anything that you could ever imagine!

Shauntel Peak-Jimenez is a certified Life trainer for women, and a certified Life trainer Trainer. Ő egyLso A karakter és az önértékelés alapítója az életcousok, az életképző tanúsító képzés és a szakmai fejlesztési képzés társaságának alapítója. Ha készen áll az átalakulásra, akkor nézd meg a webhelyet.

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