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Our guest today is Jillian Darlington, aka Taylor’s mom, who lives in San Diego, CA. Jillian is the creator of the MomCo app, as well as this is the story.

The MomCo app was influenced by my own experiences as 1) a new mom trying to link with other moms in my community as well as 2) an owner of an indoor playground trying to discover a method to promote to my target demographic that was within my költségvetés.

I was young when I had my son. None of my buddies had children, so I worked difficult for the very first two years to develop my incredible group of mom friends. I was fortunate to have made them,  since a few years later my marriage fell apart.

Without the support I got from my mom friends, there is no method that I would have survived my grueling divorce, increasing a young child totally on my own, as well as being a little business owner.

What would we do without our mom friends? They are a few of the most important people in our life. believe back to when you had your very first child. Did you already have your close mom friends? exactly how did you satisfy them? Did you have to put a great deal of effort into it?

With my app, MomCo,  discovering buddies that have similar aged children, similar interests, as well as online close by is not a difficulty for moms anymore. The app makes linking with other regional moms effortless using a smartphone linking with a Facebook profile.

In addition to linking with moms, you can likewise discover all of the regional businesses as well as service service providers that cater to moms as well as children. We’ve got listings of infant classes , indoor playgrounds, pediatricians, beauty spas, etc.

I wished to make moms lives easier. With the MomCo app, you can:

Locate as well as link with regional moms with similar aged kids as well as interests.

Share as well as get support in forums.

Arrange playdates with regional moms

Keep present with regional events.

Save money with special regional deals.

Find all the resources, services as well as products you need.

Stay present with product recalls

És most? The app is offered on the iphone as well as Android.

A jövő? My dream is that the app is immediately downloaded when a mom becomes pregnant.

Thanks Jillian, for sharing your story! satisfy other incredible moms here:

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